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Janet McDonald

Born and raised in Eugene, Janet McDonald is the daughter of a logger, Sam Sears, who lost a leg in an accident when she was in third grade. "He still wears suspenders," says McDonald, who visits him regularly to help with household chores. "He'll be 91 in February." A few years ago, when her mother was suffering with Parkinson's, McDonald was there to drive her to appointments and to help out around the house. Half a year after the death of her mom in July of '08, her husband, wood products distributor John McDonald, suddenly developed a brain tumor and died. In need of an income and aware that her father and others his age didn't look forward to leaving their comfortable homes for assisted living, McDonald joined with her daughter Michelle Daggett and started a new business, Daily Home Services, aimed at providing help with everyday tasks such as housework and errands. "My dad was the first one; that's how it all started," says McDonald, who currently has four regular clients plus three on an on-call basis. "There is such a need for it. People need companionship as much as they need me sweeping the floor or cleaning the bathroom. It brings me joy to put a smile on a senior's face." Learn more at dailyhomeservices.com.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 19 January 2012

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