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Ray Wolfe (revisited)

June 2002: A Navy pilot in the Philipines theater during WWII, Ray Wolfe flew nighttime bombing missions in the Formosa Straits. Afterwards, he completed a doctorate in biochemistry, then taught chemistry and conducted research in enzymology at the UO until his retirement in 1983. "All those years I studied one enzyme, pivotal for getting energy from food," he notes. "Our data led us to a model that hasn't been disproven since 1968." A political activist since the 60s, Wolfe took part in the Future Power Committee campaign that blocked EWEB's participation in the WPPSS nuclear power plant fiasco. "We saved Eugene taxpayers $50-60 million," he says. More recently, he has opposed "growth at any cost" projects like the West Eugene Parkway through involvement with Friends of Eugene and Citizens for Public Accountability. At age 82, Wolfe is in his fifth year as producer, technician, and editor of "In the Public Interest," a weekly half-hour interview program on Community Access TV.

2010 update: After 64 years of marriage and 54 years of living in Eugene, Ray and Barbara Wolfe will move someday soon (as soon as they can sell their house) to Ashland, to be close to their daughter Katherine and her family. Many of Ray Wolfe's archived "Public Interest" interviews will continue to air on CATV.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 22 July 2010

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