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Micheal Sunanda

A grad of Benson High in Portland, Micheal Sunanda started out at the UO but "got kicked out for adolescent rebellion," he says. "I broke all kinds of rules." He finished up at PSU with a degree in PE and taught grade school for two years, then dropped out for a life of meditation. "I had three visions in the forest," says Sunanda, who returned to the UO in 1971 for a MA in Dreikurs family counseling: Cooperative Parenting, and subsequently practiced "hippie family counseling" in several communes. He moved to Hawaii in 1988, got into the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms movement and WWOOFed his way around the islands as a pemaculture apprentice through the 90s. After taking a permaculture course in Australia in 2000, he visited 100 permacultulture sites throughout the Americas before returning to Oregon in 2006. Since the 70s, Sunanda has been self-publishing booklets on topics ranging from wholistic parenting to ecoforestry. His recent writings can be found on his website: efn.org/~ecozma. He is currently looking for a permaculture farm where he can locate his eight-foot dome-home in return for farm work. "I'm tring to get WWOOFing started in Eugene," he says.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 20 August 2009

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