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Daphne Gabrieli

After high school in Coral Springs, Florida, Daphne Gabrieli studied ancient religions at New College in Sarasota, then moved to California and spent several years as a sub teacher and environmental activist, living in a trailer in the woods outside Santa Cruz. She came to Eugene in 1997, earned an interdisciplinary MA in folklore in 2001, and was hired the same year as a writing composition instructor at LCC. This winter term, Gabrieli will teach two sections of Writing for Scholarships, a course that she helped to develop in 2003 as part of a "learning community" called Show Me the Money. Students in the learning community also enroll in a companion course called Scholarships: Money for College, that helps them with the logistics of finding scholarships and getting applications in by the March 1st deadline. "I went to school on scholarships," says Gabrieli. "Now that college is so expensive, it's increasingly important to help students find funding. In one of our classes, 60 percent got scholarships." All available spots for the upcoming winter term are taken. Students hoping to join Show Me the Money in winter term 2010 should sign up on the first day of advance registration in September 2009.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 20 November 2008

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