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UO Family and Human Services Students

"Since 2004, our students have logged over 253,080 hours of field work," says Kelly Warren, field study coordinator for the UO College of Education's degree program in Family and Human Services. "That has an economic impact of more than three million dollars, based on 13 dollars an hour." The FHS program is designed for students considering careers with community service or government agencies, in fields such as social welfare, drug and alcohol treatment, recreation, and special education. Students enter the FHS program in their junior year, after they have completed the basic course requirements for graduation. In addition to professional coursework, they serve three internships, one per term, with local agencies. As seniors, they choose one of those agencies for an extended year-long internship. "FHS is unique in giving undergrads the experience of internships in the community," says senior Linda Cathey, who worked in the Southern California movie industry before moving to Eugene in search of a new career in 2004. "This year, I'm working with fourth and fifth-graders at Adams School. Last year, I also worked at Head Start and at Senior and Disabled Services."

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 13 November 2008

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