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Alder Fuller

"I love teaching, seeing light bulbs go off," says Dr. Alder Fuller, a lifelong student and teacher of life sciences and the founder and dean of Euglena Academy, an independent college-level school located in a West Eugene warehouse. "It's named after the first organism I saw under a microscope as a kid." Fuller began his academic career at his home town college, Memphis State. When a lack of math skills got in the way of his PhD ambitions in Texas, he went back for an MS in probability theory and eventually earned a doctorate in biology from UNM. He taught for seven years at a CC in Albuquerque before moving to the Northwest to pursue his dream of opening a school. Since 2002, Euglena's curriculum has focused on the biology and evolution of cells, organisms, and ecosystems; and considered the challenges of global warming. "Climate change will alter the course of life on this planet," says Fuller. "We need to plan to adapt, rather than try to change it." Starting this fall, Euglena will present a free weekly 7pm Monday event (lecture, film, or discussion) at Cozmic Pizza. For a schedule of events, a listing of Euglena class offerings, and a link to Fuller's blog, visit euglena-academy.net.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 2 October 2008

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