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Geoff Hughes and Tom Dickason

A nationally-ranked runner as a high school kid in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Geoff Hughes got back into running in his late 20s when he moved to Eugene with his wife Therese and a newly-minted degree in sculpture from the SF Art Institute. Hughes sold sand-cast candles in the early days of the Saturday Market and worked in construction until the early-80s timber bust, when he started his current 24-year career as a financial planner with Wachovia Securities. He chaired the Oregon Track Club's recently-completed eight-year campaign to renovate the Prefontaine Jogging Trail, in partnership with Eugene Parks and Open Spaces. "I competed in the first race on Pre's Trail in 1975," he says. "It's more well-known to runners around the world than it is locally." In the photo, Hughes competes a Saturday-morning tour of the 4.2 mile trail along with running partner Tom Dickason, another member of the restoration committee. Check out Hughes' newest metal sculpture, a memorial bench for counselor and fellow Pennsylvania native Neila Campbell, near the gazebo in the Owens Rose Garden.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 24 July 2008

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