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John Archer

After many years of work in local mills, and an off-hours career as a martial arts instructor at LCC, John Archer was ready to stop working for others and go into business for himself. He and his wife Donna, North Eugene grads who will celebrate 40 years of marriage this summer, took over Claymore Waggin' Inn Kennels in Alvadore nine years ago. "It's been here 35 years," says Archer. "We were looking for a business, and this one seemed ideal." It wasn't long before Archer began taking on rescue dogs, many of whom would have otherwise been euthanized. He specializes in difficult dogs and interviews potential adopters in depth to make sure they will be reliable caretakers. "They've given me the rep of a dog whisperer," he says. "But I don't train them at all. I just give them the care and affection they didn't have before." In the photograph, Archer returns from the vet with Bosco, a rescued bulldog and pit bull mix who had tendon sugery after a car accident. "I usually absorb the cost," he says. "But I'm getting help on this one, a thousand dollars fom a fundraiser on Craig's List."

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 17 July 2008

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