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Erik Rosebrough

Beaverton native Erik Rosebrough began working full-time at age 15, while attending Benson Polytechnic High in Portland. "My first job was training kitchen staff at Burgerville," he says. "I've been in management ever since." While working at Intel in 1997, Rosebrough was hit by a car and suffered severe back and head injuries. He lost two years of work, but met his wife Rebecca in '98. Their children Skylar and Oceana were born in '00 and '02. After moving to Springfield in 2006, Rosebrough has been unable to work because of deterioration in his lower back. Instead, he has taken an active role as a volunteer in Oceana's classroom at Park Head Start, and organized fundraisers to buy supplies for the kids. He has conferred with city and state officials in an effort to have speed limit signs posted on 2nd Street outside the Head Start building. "Parents are concerned at how fast cars drive by," says Head Start Family Advocate Chava Kronen. "Unfortunately, the state doesn't classify Head Start as a school. But Erik is undeterred, and will continue the campaign until the street is made safe."

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 29 May 2008

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