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Jim Dupre

"Other than being a hard-core voter, this is my first political involvement," says Eugene native Jim Dupre, indicating the sign in his yard, across Royal from Fairfield School, that displays the "Bush Death Count," updated daily from the web. "My mission is to let people know how many are being killed." Dupre's first sign, made of cardboard, lasted two weeks last summer before it was trashed by vandals. The second, made of fiberboard, withstood abuse for four months. The current sign, a full sheet of three-quarter-inch plywood, is securely anchored and protected by motion-sensor lights. A graduate of North Eugene High, Dupre served with the army in Germany, then studied at the UO on the GI Bill. His 19-year-old son Josh is in the Air Force. A drummer since junior high, Dupre toured with several bands in the 80s. He currently plays in the West Side Blues Band every Thursday at the Overtime Tavern. Now semi-retired and afflicted with a mild form of Parkinson's, Dupre has time to devote to his antiwar mission. "I print up fliers almost every night," he says. "I pass them out door-to-door."

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 10 January 2008

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