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Lin Silvan and Robert Jacobucci

"We met in a dance hall in South Jersey 20 years ago," says Lin Silvan, and soon afterwards she and Robert Jacobucci were married. Retired from her work as a corporate training consultant and his as a physicist, they traveled and danced their way around the US. "We hit every ballroom," she says. "Some towns had several." The couple was also researching a place to settle. "We're environmentalists at heart," says Jacobucci. "We visited Eugene in '97, came back in '98 and 2000, and moved in 2002. We found a lot of kindred spirits." Four years into their marriage, Silvan and Jacobucci became vegans. They found they could eat well and that various ailments went away. Surprised to find no "veg booths" at Earth Day events in '03 and '04, they founded the Eugene Veg Education Network in 2005. "Food choices have a big impact on the environment," says Jacobucci. "It's a major decision we make three times a day." EVEN's third annual vegan Thanksgiving Peaceful Potluck will be held in the LCC cafeteria on Sunday, November 18, at 2 pm. For details and more on EVEN, visit eugeneveg.org.


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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 25 October 2007

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