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Jane and Eva Happy

"When I was a kid, there was a farm at the end of the street until I was nine," says Jane Happy, who grew up in Salem. "We could go play in the field all day long. I was heartbroken when it was developed." Now a social worker at Sacred Heart, a resident of Eugene's Friendly Neighborhood, and the mother of 10-year-old Eva, Happy has taken an active role this year in the effort to save Madison Meadow, two acres of remnant meadow and orchard. "I was making fairies for Eva's birthday party fairy hunt," she says. "I had an inspiration to make them to benefit the park." Constructed from artificial flowers, costume jewelry, and other thrift-store materials, the Happy fairies were a hit for ten dollars each at the Mt Pisgah Wildflower Show. "I've been making two every night ever since," she reports. "Eva makes one or two. We've sold a thousand dollars worth at garden tours." Though they've raised $379K since incorporating in 2003, the Madison Meadow nonprofit needs another $143K by December to save the land from development. Learn more at madisonmeadow.org.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 9 August 2007

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