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Solarc A & E

Up on the roof above their offices, architects Jan Fillinger and Galen Ohmart (left and right in the photo) and engineers Gene Johnson and Mike Hatten show off the photovoltaic array that generates electricity and provides significant summer shade. Four years ago, the four combined forces to launch Solarc Architecture and Engineering, specializing in collaborative projects that have environmental sustainability as a major design goal. "We're working on a couple of houses that will be completely off the grid," says Fillinger, who has incorporated energy efficiency in his work since the 1980s. "We're designing systems to capture stormwater from the roof to flush toilets and irrigate plants." A regional leader in the field, Solarc conducts energy audits and consults with builders and agencies on efficiency and sustainability issues. Solarc also encourages energy efficiency among its own employees, offering reduced-price LTD passes to those who leave the car at home, or up to $50 monthly in cash to those who walk or bike to work. More at www.solarc-ae.net.

happening people

photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 21 December 2006

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