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Cindy Ingram

When Cindy Ingram was a grade-schooler in Dublin, California, her teacher, Ms Olsen, channeled Ingram's excess energy by having her read to younger kids. "She set me on the path to community service," says Ingram, a state volunteer-of-the-year at age 12 for her work with developmentally disabled children. A year out of high school, she moved to Jasper, Oregon, and found work with at-risk kids in Harrisburg and Crow-Applegate-Lorane schools. "I found myself wanting to do more than my job description," she notes. Ingram gave birth to a daughter and a son in '98 and '99, started her first non-profit, the Land of Awe Children's Museum (now part of the Science Factory), with friends in '00, and entered LCC in '01. She co-founded Network for Reproductive Options in '03, after Eugene's only abortion clinic closed down. Weeks away from the end of the school year at the UO, Ingram currently has four part-time jobs. She's director of the Non-traditional Student Union and manager of the band Silas, where her partner Stephen Arriola plays lead guitar. "I get ten percent," she says. She's looking for new work in the fall, when she starts her second year of grad school in public policy.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 5 May 2005

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