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Judy Franzen

In 1969, after earning a fine-arts degree from Antioch College in Ohio, Philadelphia native Judy Franzen headed west. "I did my hippie-bus thing and came out here," she recounts. "I spent many years trying to learn what to do with my art." Franzen returned to school in her early 40s for a masters in developmental psychology and an art therapy certification. She worked with local agencies, including the Center for Family Development -- "fabulous training for working with children" -- and set up a private practice in art therapy. Eleven years ago, she and her "comfort dog" George answered a call to volunteer for Courageous Kids, a new PeaceHealth program designed for children ages 6-18 who have recently suffered the loss of an important person, often a parent. "We do lots of art therapy," she says. "It helps the kids understand and express their feelings, and to memorialize their loved one." CK groups meet weekly during the school year, plus a four-day annual camp in August. After nine years as a volunteer, Franzen was hired as part-time staff two years ago. Courageous Kids relies on volunteers and donations -- call 461-7577 for details.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 10 February 2005

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