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Tyler Thomas and Peggi Bosworth

Recent visitors to the West Moon Trading Company on 13th near the UO campus may have noticed a hand-lettered "Rock the Vote" sign on the entrance door and a stack of voter registration forms on the counter. "If we get into a conversation, we'll ask if they are registered," says West Moon employee Catharine Army. Store owner Peggi Bosworth observes that much of her clientele is of high-school and college age. "I'm really concerned about young people not registering to vote, especially girls," she says. "We've gotten a good response." A native of the Bay Area in California, Bosworth moved in the late 70s to southern Oregon, where she worked for Rare Earth, an import business based in Ashland -- "I ran the Medford store." After eight years as a waitress in Eugene, she opened West Moon in 1995, based on the Rare Earth model. The family business also employs her daughter Jamie Decker -- "she's my buyer" -- and her son Tyler Thomas, who manages a two-year-old second store in Corvallis. "Participation feels good," Bosworth says. "I like being around kids. We don't encourage them to vote one way or the other."


happening people

photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 28 August 2004

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