Paul's photo weblog

winter 2022

Ollie and Ida in Eugene

spring 2021

Ida in Eugene

fall 2020

Bellingham babe

Paul's 80th birthday party invitation!

fall 2019

summer 2019

fair and remembrance

winter-spring 2019

snow and flood

summer-fall 2018

fair and hot

summer-fall 2017

smoke and pumpkins

fall-winter 2016-2017

ice and snow

fall 2016

harvest season

summer 2016

arty and party

winter/spring 2016

snow, art, age, life, light

fall into winter 2015

sun and rain

summer 2015

outdoor living

winter-spring 2015

Crater Lake

January 2015

Bellingham rocks!

November-December 2014

holiday gatherings

September-October 2014

cool fall evenings

July-August 2014

hot summer evenings

Presidents Day 2014

Crater Lake

New Year's Day 2014

fog walk

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